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Full Version: Blast! I Bricked My C3000! Help!
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In a vain attempt to satisfy dependencies for ZEthereal, I replaced the following files in /usr/lib:

Now I get to the grey splash screen during boot that says CGSilicon in the upper left, something Japanese in the middle, and Zaurus in the bottom right. That displays for about 10 seconds, then the screen flashes black for bearly a second. I used my digital camera to shoot video of the screen flashing the messages so I could pause it long enough to see what it says, but it happens too fast to see anything but a few blurred lines. I also tried shooting 20 picture bursts during when its going to flash the message but the text is still hopelessly blurred (ive got a 4megapixel Fuji S5100, so it surely isnt the camera's fault.. more likely i need to mess with the shutter speed) This is what shows for bearly a second, before the Zaurus flashes back to the silver splashscreen, and the vicious cycle begins again. Silver splash screen for 10 seconds, black with text for 1 second, silver again, black, etc etc. Help! I'm going to call Dynamism in the morning I suppose but is there a way to fix this on my own? I have a complete rom back up from before I started replacing the files, so if I could somehow reload that backup, I'd have all my settings/apps just as they were. Thanks in advance.
grab the 3000 nand back from conics here and follow these instructions from trisoft's page to do a nand restore (the page is for the c1000 but it's the same process). That should get you a working 3000, then just do a restore with the Backup/Restore app and you should be back to where you'd like to be.

good luck
Didn't work. The boot sequence was still looping endlessly. I've been emailing Dynamism, but they haven't come up with anything yet, which suprises me. They're usually so damn helpful :-p I think I corrected the NAND problem, but in the process I suspect I did something to the rest of the internal flash drive, because now my boot fails at the grey splashscreen that says SHARP in red letters, with something in Japanese beneath it. Then at the very bottom it says "HDD1 Error!!". Not Good. Help?
losing geek points,
You've probably read and done that already, but just in case, did you try following Mammothrept's Notes On Debricking A C3000, The hard way?
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