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Full Version: Displaying Color In Aterm & Modifying Apm
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Hi.. I am using aterm in ratpoison and can't get vim to work in color syntax mode (syntax is enabled but for black and white displays, Ie... bold and underline).. aterms help is bit archaic... whats the argument to enable color in vim?

Also, whenever I come out of standby and come back to vim, if I leave it in insert mode it will paste whatevers in the clipboard into the buffer.. Is there a way to send the escape character whenever I hit the off button on the back so i don't come back in insert mode? (by modifying apm in /usr/bin)

oh, and should be noted that ls --color has always shown color and worked fine, so I am a little confused as to why vim doesn't show color under x11 (while I get color at the login shell)
perhaps try export TERM=xterm-color? before calling vim
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