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Full Version: Minimised Windows In Rox
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I installed the ROX filer ipk and modified .xinitrc so it is now my window manager. But I still have the launcher/widget bar at the bottom of the screen that comes with pdaXrom.

However, when I minimise windows they just disappear. How do I get them back? I tried fluxbox sometime ago, and if you minimised a little icon for the window would appear on the desktop. But not with ROX.

Also, if I send a window to another desktop, it also seemingly disappears.

Any advice anyone?

I used ROX' "pinboard" capabilities when running pre-Kathrin pdaXrom. (It was running on top of OpenBox though.) A minimised window should create an icon on the board that you can drag around.

In your case, you might just need to add Pinboard to your .xinitrc file.

In the Options menu, look under Pinboard and under Compatibility. Under Pinboard you can adjust it so it won't intefere with your desktop furniture, and Compatibility has other adjustments for ROX vs. windows manager problems.

For windows sent to other desktops, Ctrl+Alt+L/R Arrow should switch you between desktops. (Ctrl and Alt are mapped to Calendar and Address in pdaXrom as defaults.)

Hope that helps,
Thanks, found I could specify how far off the bottom the minimised window icons sit in the options menu. Now I can minimise Xscorch between rounds!

Thanks again
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