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Full Version: Totally new to OZ, what do I need to do...
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I've been using my Zaurus (5500) for over a year now and have finally decided to start using OZ (due to aquireing a linksys wireless card) and I'm at a loss as what I'll need to do to get everything working.

Below are the things that I'd like to be able to do (beyond the PIM stuff):
Be able to sync up with my work computer (2000) and home computer (XP).
Connect to the net through AP's.
Learn to war-walk.
Have a good image viewing prog.
Have good program opening response time.
I'd also like to learn how to get neocalc working on OZ.

That's pretty much what I'm looking to do right now so I was hoping someone(s) could help me figure out exactly what I'm going to need to do and install/configure to get me up and running. I'd prefer to start from a clean ROM image (preferably 3.3.5 with the 40/24 memory settings unless someone has a better idea).

I have 2 docking stations, a 16MB cf card, a 64 MB sd card, and a linksys wireless network card.

Thank you for your help.
For starters, try scanning the how-tos on this site. I'd recommend going with 3.3.6pre1 ( as well, over 3.3.5. It seems to run everything 3.3.5 can when you use the compatability libs (check the readme in above link) and it has less bugs and runs faster.

For war-walking grab wellenwreiter(sp?) in the feed of above link, and maybe kismet too. Check out the websites for those progs to see how they work.

For the best program opening time just install programs in RAM. If you put stuff on your SD card (if you want to do 64-0), you could also just have things fast load by holding onto the icon in opie and selecting that option (this keeps part of the binary in memory for fast loading i think).

Connecting to the net via wireless is pretty straightforward, it's almost all near automatic. You can specify WEP in network settings if ya need it as well. Plenty of how-tos on this as well.

Don't know anything about neocalc (have a link?) so can't help ya there.

I'm not familiar with syncing in windows either. I think qtopia desktop works with OPIE for syncing. You can grab that from trolltech's site (

Have fun and good luck.


edit: actually, you are probably better off sticking with 3.3.5. as I can't seem to get 3.3.6pre1 to sync at all with anything.

reedit: i take that back - to see a workaround for syncing in 3.3.6pre1.
404 free apps in one big bzip...
Don't miss my Casio anymore :wink:
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