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Full Version: File Manager For C1000
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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there was a good file manager out there recommended for the C1000's great display, my old 5500's file manager app flips the screen and lowers the res, still looks better on this new screen than on the old though :-)

Any ideas appreciated!
if you tap and hold the icon of the file manager, you will be able to stop it from going into zoom mode. Depending on your style there should be plenty of choices. For windows explorer style, there is tree!explorer qt. Zautrix (kde pim pi) also ported MC to the zaurus too.
You also have the 'classical' filemanager for vga in the ZUG feed

Not magnifying the screen in advanced filemanager works for me, but I can't fully see the top part of the applet. huh.gif

[edit] Forgot this: and CF icon link doesn't work for me [/edit]
Try treeexplorer or mc. When I had the streamline converted sharp rom on my 1000, treeexplorer was already installed (so I don't know specifically what version it was).

You should to a nand backup of your current setup, so you can always go back to that (after trying new things). And maybe give the streamline backup a whirl.

have fun
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