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Full Version: Fonts?
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I just installed pocketworkstation on my SL-6000 using X/Qt and the stock Sharp ROM.
I put KDE on the my zaurus. All was going as planned...
The toolbar came up, the desktop painted properly...
BUt when I open a window, the font is some where around 200 or so (HUGE!!)
And I cant change it!! DOes anyone know how to change the font size via a shell?
It seems to affect all X Applications, so not a problem with KDE.

Any Ideas?
Let me quess, you are using version 0.9 of X/QT server?

There is a bug with font size in many apps - especially gnome apps - to overcome this shift down to version 0.8 or try out the unstable version

There are a number of posts about this issue on the forums (and the exact technical reason, whih I can't remember at the moment wink.gif)

I installed the newest version, and it works fine now.
The stable feed of X/Qt is broken I guess...

どもありがとう スツーさん!
Cool, eh?
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