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Full Version: Qingy/directfb
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finally cross-compiled and copied to zaurus:

what it gives:
easy session management through shell scripts, for now i use 2 sessions 'Console' and 'Qtopia', logs into both, upon exit returns to login
knows to handle automatic logins for lazies upon timeout

discovered that starting X is hardcoded, so X is started by qingy itself, not a big deal, may be safely removed, or adapted to X based roms
uses pretty much of memory until logged in, but may be due lack of suuport of multi-applications in underlying derictfb lib
does not recognize FN modifier, thus no numbers in password
did not yet found a way to represent TS as mouse

some time to continue polishing and hacking
some help to make a picture and theme
some contribution with session scripts
some contribution to make an "QPE/System 'shutdown()'" applet

P.S. if someone needs it on his Z, contact me, ill send a tarball and some instructions
That's great! I look forward integrating it in the next release !

Regarding Fn - that may be because I define it as "CtrlR" - check in /etc/keyboard and maybe contact the author. He doesn't support standard modifiers.

Alternatively, replace ctrlr by altgr - it may work better
this will be very helpful
any progress?
Is the sourcecode somewhere ?
QUOTE(guylhem @ May 20 2005, 09:00 PM)
any progress?
Is the sourcecode somewhere ?

not yet, i was busy at weekend, will try to find out what is the keyboard probs today/tomorrow
sources are at:
depends on jpeg, png, zlib and freetype libs
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