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Full Version: how to enter Esperanto (or other Unicode) characters?
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Ok, I found the unicode-fonts_0.5.0_arm.ipk which includes Esperanto characters for display, but I am totally unable to find a way to enter Esperanto characters as text into the Zaurus... (I can only view it in a file copied to the Zaurus.)

I have looked at some of the downloads for alternate text entry and none seem to do what I need (e.g. they require you to be able to enter the letter to assign it to a key, which is a chicken-and-egg problem...). The letters I need are not in ISO-8859-1, they are in ISO-8859-3. E.g. Ĉ etc. The Unicode entry method doesn't show my Esperanto characters even though I installed the font that displays them.

Is there a way to augment the character recognition to learn additional Unicode characters so I could draw a c with a ^ on it and have it be recognized as ĉ?

An alternate solution would be if I could toggle a mode where entering the 2 letters in a row, e.g. cx, gets turned into ĉ (a common keyboard method used for entering Esperanto text).
Actually, I take it back about them not being in the Unicode table, I found them, cool. This may let me get something going in conjunction with the keyboard drivers, though I still would like to know if the handwriting recognition can be augmented to recognize additional characters. I notice it already recognizes some ISO-8859-1 characters that are just roman letters with circumflexes and umlauts and such, but it doesn't seem to know about the Esperanto letters.
Did you manage to get this working so that you can input the characters from the keyboard?
How did you do it? Have you tried to download and display any of the Uncode versions of Esperanto Ebooks?

You can add any character to the handwriting recognition:

1) Select the hadnwriting input method and tap the pencil/edit button
2) Tap the Customize tab
3) Tap the Clear button
4) Draw the glyph for your new character
5) Tap the New button
6) Select the Unicode input method and select your character
7) Ok everything and you should have your new character recongised in the handwriting input
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