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Full Version: Speed And Swp?
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we must run some programs in chinese-font.
so,we have to setup chinese-font to rc9.1/rc10.
chinese-font size is about 10M or biger.

chinese-font size is too big to free-RAM become small.
run "free",free-ram is <10M(RC10) or < 14M(RC9.1).
some program run slowly.
EX:abiword,firefox is very slow in chinese-font.
when they open big-size documents,they maybe crash sometime!

i want to fdisk sd-card to ext3 and swp.
do it become speeder when runing progame in chinese-font?
QUOTE(badog @ May 21 2005, 01:47 AM)
we must run some programs in chinese-font.
do it become speeder when runing progame in chinese-font?

I don't know if it will be faster, but adding enough swap will probably keep the app from crashing. It depends on what is slow about the chinese font rendering without the swap file. If low memory is forcing the app to allocate less memory to the rendering than is optimal, then adding swap may speed things up. But if th slowness is just due to the computational load of rendering the fonts, then a swap won;t speed things up. A swap partition seems like a good idea with pdaXrom anyway, especially if you are running a heavyweight browser like firefox.
thanks , MR. hpo
you are right.

at help by Mr. zumi, i have a better way to setup swap.
in /mnt/card/swap:

dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=16M count=2
mkswap swapfile
swapon swapfile

swap is setuped
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