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Full Version: Xmms Freeze
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I'm having problems with xmms freezing-up after I shut off my Zaurus while xmms is still playing. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I counter it?

I'm using RC10. (had the problem in RC9 too)


Hi ...

I had the same problems with XMMS on RC9 running ... after switching my c860 off while xmms runs xmms hangs up ...

I thing there is a problem with mp3 on sd / cf - I'm not sure - because sd / cf are automatic unmounted by suspend script?

That makes sense, should we submit a bug report?

@don .-)

yes I think it may be good to report a bug ... but was it a pdaxrom problem with xmms or a xmms general error?

Maybe you / I test it again to make the error more describable and have a detailed description ... starting xmms from xterm and maybe we have some logs or errormessages on xterm console output ...

I will try it soon ... maybe in the evening ...

Best wishes
The problem is that xmms is not working after returning from suspend?

not really a bug fix but the screen blanker applet provides an easy way to disable suspend.
I cannot test until I fix the X freezing problem:

Maybe you could try to copy an mp3 to the internal storage and try to play it and then suspend and report back if it freezes. You might want to try removing one or both cards too.

Ok, I solved the X freezing problem.

I did what I suggested, and came up with an interesting result.

When I powered-up the Zaurus, I got an error message: Cannot locate plugin esound (or something like that)

The only way to get rid of the problem is to reboot the Zaurus. (restarting X doesn't work)

Other times, xmms freezes and the only way to fix the problem is to kill xmms.

These errors don't occur all the time.

Any thoughts?

The only way to get rid of the problem is to reboot the Zaurus. (restarting X doesn't work)

If you have access to a command prompt, have you tried to kill esd/esound? I have found it sometimes helps to remedy the situation. Unfortunately that is only in few cases, most of the xmms freezes cause GUI to be totally unresponsive, so no chance to kill esd.

Hmm, would it work to have one of the silk screen buttons to kill the daemon or would the buttons be unresponsive as well? That's a thought...
Funny, when i run my zaurus at 114Mhz it seems to cope with coming out of suspend and still playing...
The only thing I can add to this report is that my Z always hung when mp3 files added to playlist were on CF card, not on SD. I tried Transcend 128 and 1G cards, and it used to hang a bit more frequently with the latter. I should try it with 1/2G SD cards as well.
I encounter the same problem on my Z.Every time I run XXMs with cover turning off to play mp3s,or watch video under X .It freeze wothout inform.
but now ,it seems a solution come.
I set "Suspend time" and "screen time" to ZERO via Light & power setting.
xmms can play mp3s good even turning off the machine.
I watch video exiting from X ,it plays pretty well.but sometimes ,i still freeze.I turn the battery switch from "operation mode" to "battery change mode" ,and then reverse,and then press "on/off" button.It come to life again.
i know the solution come with luck.i dont know what the nature.
Is there someone can tell what happens?
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