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Full Version: How Do Xpdf Display Chinesefont?
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i try to setup xpdf n times.but it don,t display chinese font.
try replace this fonts with fonts from chinese version Acrobat viewer :-)
# ls /usr/share/fontfiles/
d050000l.pfb n019023l.pfb n021004l.pfb n022003l.pfb n022024l.pfb
n019003l.pfb n019024l.pfb n021023l.pfb n022004l.pfb symbole.fon
n019004l.pfb n021003l.pfb n021024l.pfb n022023l.pfb

i put there fonts from russian version and that works fine.
i have tried it . but it don't display chinesefont

i doed it:
add them to etc/xpdfrc:

#----- begin Chinese Simplified support package (2004-jul-27)
cidToUnicode Adobe-GB1 /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/Adobe-GB1.cidToUnicode
unicodeMap ISO-2022-CN /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/ISO-2022-CN.unicodeMap
unicodeMap EUC-CN /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/EUC-CN.unicodeMap
unicodeMap GBK /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/GBK.unicodeMap
cMapDir Adobe-GB1 /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/CMap
toUnicodeDir /usr/local/share/xpdf/chinese-simplified/CMap
displayCIDFontTT Adobe-GB1 /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/gkai00mp.ttf
#----- end Chinese Simplified support package

xpdf can display chinesefont,but chinesefont is not right!
I have succeed.
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