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Full Version: Is Missing, Any Hints?
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Sam Hell
Hi there,

i´ve got a problem with a bunch of programs, that doesn´t start
because the isn´t there, or at last not simlinked correctly.
(i don´t know how to symlink a file by the way...)

Primarly it´s portabase that i want to get running really really bad sad.gif

I´ve searched for myself a couple of days now, but found nothing relative
to that.

Thx in Advance,
where did you get portabase?

liqpe is qtopia library, if i'm not mistaken.

did you install the one from the unstable feed?

to symlink a file just use ln -s the way you use cp.
ie think cp and replace the command by ln -s.
Sam Hell
i had Portabase from the unstable feed you linked in your answer.

But which ipg-package i had to install to get the qtopia-libs?

there is no libqpe, qpelib, libqtopia, qtopialib in the unstable feed...
pgas shouldn't have to install qtopia portabase was not compiled against qtopia...
Sam Hell
ok, portabase now runs. I´ve reinstalled it.

I´ve downloaded the portabase from the unstable feed, but
i must have installed the original portabase for QTopia-based
roms by accident.

anyway, it runs now and that´s fine smile.gif

But the other programs/games i´ve got still don´t run, because of the
I googled for it but didn´t find a solution so far...

It´s for the games on this site, btw (all full VGA):

Is there anyone out there who got the same problem?

well silvio uses cacko and compile his stuff for cacko:

hence they might need (qtopia) or not but might still not work on pdaxrom (different libc, softfloat emulation.....)
Sam Hell
mmmhhh... that´s not "nice" wink.gif

i´ve got, away from the games, a few programs i
downloaded from killefiz which are displaying the same
libqpe-missing error.

Ok, then is there no other solution than porting the apps to
X-environment, and thats far beyond my "Try-and-fail"-abilities
so far wink.gif

Thx for your help and patience with me, pgas wink.gif

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