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Full Version: Ltris Exits Right After Completing The First Line
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Sam Hell
Hi there!

Got a problem with ltris.

I can start the game, play with the stones as long as
i´m not completing a line. if im completing a line,
it exits right in a blink of an eye leaving me with the
following message:

LTris 1.0.6
Copyright 2002-2004 Michael Speck
Publishing under GNU GPL
Looking up data in: /usr/local/share/games/ltris
Mode 640x480 Window valid
Mode 640x480 Fullscreen valid
Saving Highscore chart in: /var/lib/games
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

and that´s it...

Anyone got the same problem and got it solved?
I'm compiled LTris 2 days ago and it works fine.
Also i compiled LGeneral, LPairs and LMarbles smile.gif
Sam Hell
what? Where do you got the ipks? smile.gif

i´ve installed lgeneral &co days before, but they
were all for QTopia and didnt run on pdax sad.gif

Do you got a download-zone where to get them?
That would be great smile.gif

P.S.: Do you know where to find a tutorial for porting
to pdax online? I´ve sure got a lot of games from my old
5500G laying on my hdd and waiting to be ported, but i
don´t got the know how, and don´t have the programs for
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