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Full Version: First Impressions
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i wgetted guylhem-rom and the corresponding feed, in order to test it.
sorry, but the main thread is getting to big to be read, so i opened
a new thread. a lot of the below is mentioned in the main thread:

1. first surprise: the image is bigger than 64mb. this was really bad.
i had a 64mb cf (fat) and 256mb sd (ext2).
question: why is the no-gui version also 66mb? can i repackage the
image(s) dropping some applications etc.? is it possible to rip my
personal installed qtopia files and use it with the no-gui version?
i bought me a 1gb cf, but in near future this will also be ext formatted.
this will be a problem to flash big files.

2. too man errors/warnings while booting. no problem as long the rom is stable..

3. the animal behind guylhem!:-) nice shot, i will use it as a wallpaper..

4. who needs these applications? its overloaded with applications i dont use
resp. will not use. a minimal installation would be nice, see 1.

5. package manager only installs to flash, so there should be infos about
flash storage in "system information".

6. i tried mplayer (from my binaries on the sd card). it works great!
very fast compared to the stock rom even using low speed.

7. where is a backup tool? this tool is the main cause why people are turning back
to the stock rom, because it allows experimenting.. so guylhem rom should also
have a backup tool.

8. guylhelm personal configurations have to be removed (opie-reader etc.)

8. a pdf viewer would be nice, also kopi/kapi as pim applications, mplayer + gui,
a wifi sniffer?

summarizing i think that all owners of a tosa should be interested in this rom,
it is fast and seems to be stable!

I also want to tell out my first impressions and give some suggestions. I think; this ROM needs an installer using Power+OK method (, that will resize mtd and unpack there. Also I get a lot of warnings during boot. It would be nice if you hide half of them smile.gif Reading all them makes be a bit nervous.
Then keyboard support. Everything is fine, but what about multilingual support? My keyboard layout changing applet does not work any more, and I want to type cyrillic sad.gif
Also 'A' key acts as 'Fn' on my external keyboard.
I did not understand, what Medias/Viewer program for, if I have Sharp's one (Draw).
I suggest replacing Reader by Justreader. It is more powerful: encoding is changable and it understands even .html.gz.
What about home/end/pgup/pgdn mode for joypad while 'Fn' pressed?
There are no unicode fonts, so I had to install them manually.
Also I had a strange thing with my CF/SD. They are VFAT, but when I try to access CF through Files tab, it shows me internal storage. I had to create a symlink, pointing to CF. Is it a feature or a bug? wink.gif
And at last, Opera is quite old...

But thanks for creating this ROM, Guylhem! It is very 6000-customised; and it is cool!

P.S.: Now I don't mind rebooting my Z, thanks to new splash screen. Is it possible to put it during boot (after init loads) as in GPE?
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