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Full Version: Sd Probleme?
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ok the siuation
last week i have try to set up the debian pocket work station on my 256 Mo sd card (i thought that i will ok i use the base packege but it don t) .while installing i wrote and delete file many time from my sd , and i beging to have a lot off i/o error when truing to acces to my sd card . but after a mkfs the thing gone well for about 2 day a today my card have completly dies no acces anymore even for a mkfs , no mount possible. my card is a 256Mo scandisk and i have heard about scandisk card problem i hope that the reason of the i/o erro
sp my question is how to know if it is the card or the the sd slot since i have no sd card reader and no other sd card ( i am going to pay one today or tomorow)???
I've been having no end of problems with SD cards as well, and have permanently destroyed two so far. SOmetimes, a card can appear to be fried, but can be recovered using a desktop machine with a card reader, by fdisk-ing and reformatting. I've recovered two SD cards this way (aside from the two I blew up). So I guess I'm running 50-50.

Originally, I had the same trouble as you -- an SD card would work for a little while before becoming corrupted. I came into the habit of issuing "sync" commands regularly and this no longer happens to me -- however, now I'll get SD card corruption if I leave the Z suspended for a long time (overnight will do it). This occurs without fail, every time.

I have no other solutions, but this problem is a showstopper for me -- it renders OZ useless for my purposes. I'm hoping that the next release will fix this.
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