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Full Version: Wireless Z with Airport?
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Has anyone managed to use a wirless connection with airport? Unfortunately, my base station is behind a router (which allocates IP addresses) and I have no idea how to access it though it works from my mac desktop. What is the ESS-ID I need, and do I configure WEP too? My base station is password protected. I heard that I needed a special hex number that mirrors my password but have no idea how to do it.

Any help greatly appreciated.


sl5500 (newbie), sharp313, pretec wifi
Hey Mark,

I'm assuming you have a Mac on your AirPort network, right? If not, and you are running Windows XP, 2000, or 98, you can get the AirPort Admin Utility from

Open up the AirPort Admin Utility (in the Utilities folder in OS 9 or X), and you should be able to access the AirPort Base Station on your network. The ESS-ID is the "Wireless Network Name" in the Admin Utility. You can try using WEP by clicking the appropriate check-box under the "AirPort" tab in the Admin Utility and under the WEP tab in the Z's Network settings. I haven't tried WEP in a while, but in the early Sharp ROM 1.xx days I couldn't get it to work very well. You might also want to check out my Blog if you have any other Mac/Zaurus-related questions.

Let me know if this helps you,

Hey this is my first post. I'm really psyched because I just got my 5500 surfing the web in the USB cradle, hooked up to my TiBook running Panther 10.3.2, shared connection via AirPort, through my AirPort Base Station. I can't believe I finally got it working. I think I'll spend much more time working on syncing and other solutions now that I've seen this work!
In trying to get my Z to connect to an Airport Extreme base station (5600L with Sharp ROM 1.32, SMC2642W, and Airport Extreme), I discovered that
As of Airport firmware 5.1, Apple switched the way WEP authentication works on Airport Extreme base stations.  Previously, they used the "Open System" model...As of firmware 5.1, they use the "Shared Key" model.

See this informative link for more information.

Generally if you use the network setup and type in the right WEP key (and Airport ID) it will work. I regularly connect to my Airport Extreme with my Z.
Well, I have put in the WEP equivalent Hex password into my Zaurus -- the same password that works with my axim x5 and my thinkpad 600 -- and it doesn't work. If this is a driver update issue, I would welcome any suggestions regarding rectifying the situatioon.

I am running a new Zaurus SL-6000 with a snow-white apple airport. The airport has firmware version 4.0.8

David Mussington
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