The whole kit has been sold.

5600 Zaurus (good to excellent condition, no screen scratches)
    * cradle
    * a/c adaptor
    * screen protector film
    * clear flip cover
    * original stylus
 - Linksys CF 802.11b wireless adaptor
 - 256MB SD card
 - 8MB CF card
 - Otterbox hard box (waterproof w/padding inside)
 - 2 extra screen protector films
 - 1 extra flip cover
 - 3 extra Sharp upgrade stylii (metal + plastic tip)

Has the PXA 255 CPU, not a 250 like many of the 5600's

The Zaurus has a few light scratches on the body, but nothing major. I haven't carried it around much, so that has saved it wear and tear.

Everything comes in the original packaging, except for the stylii, SD card, and CF card.

I haven't managed to track down the software install CD for the Zaurus (moved recently), but I know it's here somewhere.

I'd like to get $275 OBO (includes shipping by FedEx Ground or USPS priority). May be willing to split up--contact me if you are interested in accessories, but will not sell off the cradle a/c separate.

My eBay ID is 'utahraptor' if you would like to check my feedback. I'm in zip code 22181 (northern Virginia). Willing to meet along Metro if you are in DC area and want to meet for a hand off. I'll knock $15 off the price if you pick it up.

Can take Paypal or USPS money order, or cash if you pick it up.

Email to: velociraptor at gmail dot com