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Full Version: Cross-compilation Errors
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Some help please

I am trying to crosscompile some code which works and compiles fine under the simulated Z environment for a qws frame buffer.
I am using the /opt/Qtopia and /opt/Embedix packages with scripts to set env

I get the errors below, malloc is such a basic function it must be quite simple.

By removing the libstdc++-libc6..... lib in my /usr/lib that libqpe uses under the x86 env, I can produce a similar
problem for compilation in the X86 qws environment

Therefore malloc is in libstdc++-libc ????

The version of libstdc++-libc in my /Embedix..... is
This is as supplied and has worked until now

The version of libstdc++-libc in my /usr/lib..... is

Have the malloc functions changed so much that there is incompatability between those libs?

My Z is a C860 with Sharp ROM so has libqte-2.3.2 and libqpe-1.5.0. Whatever I use must remain compatable to that

The output is:-

arm-linux-gcc -Wl,-rpath,/opt/Qtopia/sharp/lib,-rpath-link,/opt/Qtopia/sharp/lib -o zword defdlg.o dictionary_impl.o \
file.o filedlg.o formatter.o main.o mkdirdlg.o mkdiredit.o scqtfiledialog.o scqtfiledlg.o shc.o shcm.o spellengine.o \
utf8.o zword.o zwordview.o moc_defdlg.o moc_mkdirdlg.o moc_mkdiredit.o moc_scqtfiledialog.o moc_scqtfiledlg.o \
moc_zword.o -L/opt/Qtopia/sharp/lib -L/opt/Embedix/native/lib -lqpe

dictionary_impl.o: In function `__malloc_alloc_template<0>::_S_oom_malloc(unsigned int)':
dictionary_impl.o(.__malloc_alloc_template<0>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned int)+0x28): undefined reference to `ostream::operator<<(char const *)'
dictionary_impl.o(.__malloc_alloc_template<0>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned int)+0x2c): undefined reference to `endl(ostream &)'
dictionary_impl.o(.__malloc_alloc_template<0>::gnu.linkonce.t._S_oom_malloc(unsigned int)+0x58): undefined reference to `cerr'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [zword] Error 1

Any ideas

yours hopefully

in dictionary_impl.cpp remove one line:

cerr << [here something] << endl;

or link with -lstdc++ and use arm-linux-g++ for it
QUOTE(Hrw @ May 30 2005, 04:43 PM)
in dictionary_impl.cpp remove one line:

cerr << [here something] << endl;

or link with -lstdc++ and use arm-linux-g++ for it

Thanks for the ideas

It was only you mentioning arm-linux-g++ that made me realise I was linking with arm-linux-gcc

Something must have happened to my tmake templates because it should be arm-linux-g++, I have never used -gcc in this env

I'll have a look at it tomorrow


[quote=melee,May 30 2005, 06:48 PM]
[quote=Hrw,May 30 2005, 04:43 PM]
or link with -lstdc++ and use arm-linux-g++ for it


All sorted thanks.

My custom tmake template for arm-linux-g++ had been overwriten when I swapped some stuff around.
Should have realised when the Makefile suddenly contained -lqte instead of -lqpe, but I have been developing using the virtual environment and haven't tried compiling an arm binary for a couple of weeks.


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