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Full Version: External Lithium Battery?
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Is there a rechargeable external battery that can be used with the Z (c760)? I would like to charge it up in my pocket. I actually already have a 4xAA external charger thingy.. but I would rather a li-ion one. I remember seeing one somewhere on here for uhh.... like camcorders and cameras that supposedly had the correct adapter for the Z? Ringing any bells for anyone?

Happy, uhhhh ...something day. (US holiday)
memorial day. another cost of war holiday. We remember the contributions of our armed forces by cooking meat on a grill smile.gif

the pelican psp powerbrick (3200 ma) seems to work ok.
charges fron the z power supply--- and charges the z adapter plugs work outta da box --about $20 us.
so far it works for me your mileage may vary
I remember reading that it is not a good idea to connect a power supply to the Z that will supply more current than 1A. Just a warning - it may reduce the life of the Z's battery if it can supply greater current than that.
??? That's just not true... Current is available electron capacity of the power supply, ie the maximum amount of flow... at the given voltage / pressure (i.e. 5 volts) The zaurus only takes what it needs to charge the Li-ion battery...

In the case of too little current, the voltage (pressure) drops and the zaurus is not able to charge the battery properly...

Too much voltage is the killer... i.e. too much pressure...
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