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Full Version: Sl5600 -> Opie -> Usb -> Windows -> ?
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With the Sharp Rom, of course, USB connectivity worked fine between my W2K pc and my SL5600 Zaurus.

Now with OpenZaurus 3.5.3 OPIE, it's something else altogether.

How does one go to establish any type of connectivity through USB from windows to OpenZaurus OPIE ?

I've tried the usual, switching "Zaurus Manager" from USB I/O to USB TCP/IP, taking care of putting that ip address into "Network" under Ethernet USBD0, to no avail.

Is it even possible? If so, how can it be done? Do i need special Windows drivers?
The same drivers should work.

Make sure it's set to tcp/ip on the Windows side.

Make sure usbd0 (or usb0 which is it?) is up on the Zaurus side - take a look at the output of 'ifconfig', use 'ifup usbd0' if necessary.

Make sure you set an IP address for the Z (network settings) if you don't have a dhcp server.


Checked that, it's all good. The Z can't ping windows and vice-versa, while it did with the SharpRom.
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