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Full Version: To Meanie:about Setup Openoffice
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i try to install openoffice1.14 to my C750 in pdaxrom
but after ./setup
./setup:/lib/libc.s0.6:version `GLIB_2.3` not found (required by ./setup)

where download GLIB_2.3 for arm? now there is glib_2.2.5 in pdaxrom

i downloaded some openoffice-gtk-gnome.deb,but i can't install them to pdaxrom.

please help me

I suggest you read This thread

You have to install pocketworkstation following the first post.
Further on in the thread you can read how to setup openoffice.

I don't think there's another way to make it work in pdaX.

why can't install?
i will still try to install openoffice in pdaxrom,
Because it is compiled with a different libc version (the error you got) for instance.

If you install the libc version oo asks for from debian, then for instance the applications from pdaxrom which uses floating point will just stop to work (because debian doesn't use this).

There are 2 ways:
- uses a chrooted debian
- grab the source and the patches for the arm port and recompile everything. hoping for instance that the pdaxrom libc doesn't need to be upgraded...

(well a third would be to recompile all the pdaxrom packages with the debian libs/hardfloat).

If you download an application for win95 it might work on winXP or not. The libraries change, compatibility is not allways 100%.
I agree with what pgas said. OpenOffice was compiled for Debian PocketWorkstation so it needs to run from inside it unless you manage to recompile OpenOffice for pdaXrom.
i will still try to install openoffice in pdaxrom
becasue this version of openoffice is for gnome,no only debain.
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