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Full Version: Pocket[workstation|debian]
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I've recently become interested in X/Qt and running X apps on the Z in general. Looking over this thread, I have two questions:

1) When people are saying "PocketDebian," do they actually mean "PocketWorkstation"?

2) Is there any reason/advantage to use a chroot environment (such as the one provided by PocketWorkstation) to install Debian ARM packages? Is it a "bad idea" to install this sort of thing directly using apt-get (which is present in the OZ 3.5.3 feed)? Is it because of the need to install everything on the SD card?
1, yes

2. If you can make OZ match the deb dependencies and you get your paths setup right (maybe make /usr and /home on sd partitions?) It sounds like a great idea. If you can make it work, the OZ -server is going to be a lot fatser than XQT, I think.

basically the chroot system is easier to get going (I don't know if the OZ thing can work) and easier to manage.

You might consider using an x server (oz or pdax) and chrooting--would be snappier than xqt, I think--though you'd lose your qtopia
Should have added:

1) I'm using a 5500--pdaxrom (AFAIK) is out, although there is supposedly a test version of the ROM out for collie somewhere

2) I'd like to keep Opie for PIM, hence the preference for X/Qt.

3) I was thinking of fiddling around with unionfs, so that Debian/X apps installed to SD would appear in the directories under <root >. I'm surprised that the OZ developers aren't using this already, although I imagine that since ipkg-link works so well there's no reason to. . .
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