My 5500 is currently running tkcROM v1, and most of the time I'm happy with the way it performs. However, I've been weighing up whether to switch to OZ, largely because I want to sync PIM apps on the Z with Evolution on my Linux PC (which I understand isn't possible with Sharp-based ROMs), via a WLAN link.

I understand that OZ can use MultiSync to synchronise between the Opie PIM apps and Evolution, and I'm also attracted by other factors, such as improved multimedia features. However, I'm hesitating to reflash the ROM for at least two reasons:

- I've never been able to get any kind of PC backup running since I installed tkcROM, so unless I can do this, I will have no backup to fall back on if the OZ installation fails or turns out less suitable for me.
- If I understand correctly, I will have to reinstall my apps if I reflash to OZ, and that's not something I like the thought of (a few of them took some effort to set up).

The main reason for wanting to switch is sync'ing with Evolution via MultiSync, and if that will work without problems, that might be enough to persuade me to take the plunge. However, I've heard the Opie PIM apps have been "ported" so they will work on the Sharp ROMs. If it's not a sacreligious question here ( :wink: ), could these work with MultiSync?

Sorry if these questions have been asked before - I'd appreciate some reassuring words smile.gif


P.S. If I installed OZ, would I need to use Qtopia Desktop for backup, and MultiSync for sync'ing with Evolution?