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Full Version: Sort Of A Clamshell Z Thingie....
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For fun, check out this little puppy...


Not quite sure what to make of it....

But interesting....

Pocket pc based cell phone. We'll probably never see it in the US. I know I'll never see it up here. Hard enough to find a provider that has bluetooth, and even if they do they don't know it.
This thing has been posted several times before - I think there's a bunch of replys about it in the off-topic forum.

Yes, it does look pretty sweet. I'd still take a wi-fi Z over it, especially since the manufacturer isn't know to be the most linux friendly company. This is a 4th gen HTC unit, and the community just about has linux running on the first gen.
Thingie looks very good IMHO. In compare to Z missing CF slot and Linux OS of course, _but_ added GSM phone (missing Edge?), wifi, cursor keys also in PDA mode, Digital camera (what resolution?), (is there Bluetooth?), USB (host?), 520 Mhz processor. Can't speak japaneese so I dont know what is the small circle below cursor keys on display. Add to it Edge, BT, GPS eventually and to port Linux on it in dual boot mode and I cannot imagine better device in my pocket!
It's a 3G phone. That circle next to the cursor buttons on the screen side is a second camera for video calls.

It's a nice size considering its a fully fledged, clamshell PDA *and* 3G phone. I really like that it has the cursor keys in portrait mode too. Add Linux and OK/Cancel buttons by the cursor keys and it would be a excellent PDA/phone.

HTC produce all the (Microsoft based) Orange SPV smartphones in the UK and I see Vodafone and Orange mentioned at the top, so maybe it is heading to the UK? Google chokes when trying to translate and Babelfish produces jargon.
I found brief english article about that phone... Read here.
This is one of the 2 launch partner platforms for Windows Mobile 5.0, so yeah, no wonder they're not too hot about Linux support.
I'd ditch my Z in an instant if this ran a Nokia style open platform.
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