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Full Version: Archos Pma430
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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone here is planning on getting an Archos PMA430? I've got a Zaurus, but always felt let down a bit when Sharp pulled out of the UK within a year of launching it.

Here is a device supported in most countries, running Linux and Qtopia and there is an SDK that should allow extending the multimedia applications. Interested to know if any developers of the Zaurus are looking at getting an Archos and developing for it?

Small French/English development

I read reports that the media apps weren't as good as those on my existing AV480 and that the qtopia environment wasn't particularly well implemented and biggest issue for me, there was no word processing or spreadsheet package included with the PMA.

Once these initial teething troubles fixed, I would recommend it. My AV480 is a fantastic media device, combining media with the ability to run software would be awesome.

I will note that using a device like this without a keyboard, be it pull out or clamshell, makes it much less desireable. Add on keyboards just aren't as useful.

I have not heard problems with the video, there has been new firmware though. Qtopia used is 1.7 and I think the difference is the Sharp PIM's and the colours available for Qtopia, 8 bit, but 16 bit for video. I think Textmaker works on the PMA.

Just thought this might be of interest, considering some of the things it does are similiar to the wishlist for a new Zaurus, built-in WiFi and video out.

I have heard that the video is only teeny tiny bit worse than on a dedicated AV480.

But until a spreadsheet and word processing package, more so the spreadsheet, is available for it. It's no use to me. I love my spreadsheets. tongue.gif
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