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Full Version: How To Slow Down Zaurus2pc Connection
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I'm using Z+apache connected to PC(Windose) through the USB base for streaming stuff tests. The speed is too high for my needs - I need to imitate a slow dialup line.
Is there a way to slow down the connection speed?

Thanks in advance,
PortTunnel - get it here... not free software, but the downloadable version will do what you want perfectly...

You can map a port and limit the speed of that. ie, you should map say local port on port to the zaurus apache webserver (80?) and then connect to your pc on that local port...
Thanks omega, it works. I just use 1% of the program's functionallity.
More ideas? Open source? Free? smile.gif

You could attempt to use a really long cable to connect the usb to your zaurus, just short enough that it works at all but it drops most of the packets!!! cool.gif

you could try with iptables; I remember reading some time ago about the ability to put in place some throttling rules and QoS rules using iptables modules. That would be nice.
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