I just got a 5500. Having done a little reading beforehand, I immediately installed Qtopia 2.1.1. I also got a Linksys CF WiFi card and a RiData 66x 1GB SD Card.

Two problems: although I can get a wifi connection and, say, ping places (odd that Qtopia doesn't include a web browser...), the feed that the thing comes with, or the one from the user group don't show anything when I try to get software from them.

Worse, though, is that my Z doesn't even recognize that the SD card was inserted. I can read that card in other devices, and I can read a 256MB card I have in the Z.

I've also tried Cacko, which didn't get very far because it couldn't format the card.

My aim, fwiw, is to run PocketWorkstation. It seems as though Qtopia 2.1 set to use 64/0 memory would be ideal for that, but I can't find anywhere how to set that up.

Thanks in advance.