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Full Version: 'short' Cf Wifi Cards?
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Just got a Netgear MA701 wifi card for my C1000 and all is fine. Well, almost....

Are there any CF wifi cards that are shorter (so the antenna block is flush with the body of the Z) ?
yep I used to have the same card. I now have the socket wifi card (not the newer one that doesn't work) and it is definitely smaller and more manageable
For what I've seen, the Symbol Socket Spectrum 24 is one of the 'shortest' cards, if not the 'shortest'.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
i have the same card, if you want to modify it to use an external antenna (like i have) then that extra room does help, if you want to make it thinner you can pop off that plastic wave bit as there is nothing in there, however the pcb extends right to the end of the card

an attena makes a huge diffrence for reception with that card, trust me. however i am going off topic

to remove the plastic wave insert a knife between the seam around the wave part until you hear a crack, this is a good thing and nothing has broken, once you have worked you way around the case put the knife in between the coner situated between the metal and plastic path (theseem feeds into it) and try and pry it up

it should just pop off, makes it a much thinner device and you can remove that metal peice sticking up inside if you want to but i belve it reduces the signal more (its an antenna?) but if you put an external jack on it and get an antenna from a wifi acess point then ou end up with a much more pocaktable device

smile.gif even if i did go off topic a bit i hope this helps
QUOTE(Da_Blitz @ Jun 14 2005, 01:03 PM)
i have the same card, if you want to modify it to use an external antenna (like i have)

Could you post some pictures of your mod?
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