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Full Version: Cf Card Reading
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My Guylhem doesn't seem to recognize my CF card. It thinks that it does, though, but it suggests that it contain some stuff ("Image_Files", "Install_Files", "Text_Files" and a file named "home-zaurus-documents) other than what it really contains. My winXP reads the content as a couple of *.IPK files, and that is what I actually placed there.
Should one format the card in ext2 or other linux-format before Guylhem ROM can read it?

Jon Loldrup
i have the same problem with my SD card.
but from the file manager, i can see all the files and even launch applications for the files. so it seems to me that the problem is not in access to the media itself.
anybody know a workaround for this?
forgot to add that the CF is formatted DOS and SD is ext2
if i eject the SD card from the panel, pull it out and re-insert it then the SD card contents are shown correctly in document tab and applications such as portabase and opie reader . ZBedic and FBReader can read the contents of SD card without the procedure of pulling it out and re-inserting it.

my main problem is that this procedure has to be repeated even after every suspend and that scares the hell out of me because of the bad experience i have had with SD cards - i have destroyed 4 cards, and i have never been able to figure out whether it was SD card problem or a zaurus issue which destryed them but all got destroyed when i was trying to change them.

does anyone know a work around for this? i would hate to destroy my 1 gig hi-speed SD card (panasonic). thanks.


This is one of the most serious issues which are preventing me from releasing a new stable release. It is still under investigation, and I have absolutely no clue of what happens. I am about to compile a special kernel with extended logging options (psacct) to see what's happening. Thanks a lot for your help - it gives a reproductible way to overcome the bug, and will certainly help me fixing it.

Meanwhile I'm sorry there's nothing I can do :-(
hello guylhem,

you have done a fantastic job with this rom and i am sure that you will get this bug ironed out as well. i would have offered to help but i dont have anywhere near your kind of competence and havent programmed for almost 10 years now. but i can certainly offer to test from here in warm bangalore...

btw, the problem isnt really a show stopper for me as all i do is to launch the application (portabase etc) from the context menu. therefore, your rom is still my default rom.


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