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Well I currently use a Palm T3, I am changing over to a Zaurus C3100, due to the fact that Palm has been, un-inventive with thier products for about 2 years now, and the LifeDrive is just a quick attempt to fix falling sales to the PPC market. Well back to my point, I want to order the 3100, am here in the US, so where is a reliable place to order from, I saw, but not sure, price really isnt an issue, but trust and reliability is, after all 800.00(usd) is alot of money if nothing arrives, so where would you suggest I buy from, oh yea, another thing, i dont read kanjii, so I need a reseller that does the conversion for me, I am lazy sometimes.

many people buy from and, but for the support you are looking for...
Dynamism is awesome. They offer 1 year warranty ship back to Japan if they cannot fix your problem, offer free tech support. The price is rather high, you might try to negotiate a better deal, I did.
bam, do they offer free conversion to english? And the conversion is 100% right? and dyn doesnt offer it yet......sad.gif
The owner is on this board so he can answer you questions more definitively, but they will convert to english, english manual, US zaurus power adapter, 1 year warranty support and I've heard him say they will even help send it back to japan when outside the warranty period (for a small fee I assume). The last part is important because if you need it repaired, then sharp japan needs a japanese mailing address to ship it back.
cool, dunno who im gonna order from yet, but I will order one within the next 2 weeks....or so.
I purchased my 760 from dynamism, and my 1000 from streamlinecpus. Overall dynamism provides good service at high prices. Streamline provides excellent service at good prices. If you're looking for rock bottom price, then it's not Streamline, but that's not what their goal seems to be.

Also, Streamline is closer to the Zaurus community than any other reseller (other than Trisoft in Germany).

Don't worry so much about the english conversion, Steamline's conversion is 100% english.

I'm going to skip on the 3100, but my next Z will come from Streamline for sure.
Hello bam,
We offer the complete package. We decided that there is no since to ship a zaurus if you don't get everything you need with it. So the new 3100 will include (manual, zhost cable, Ea-70s adapter, and the 12 month warranty. Blue devils is correct if your Zaurus needs service inside the 12 month warranty we cover all costs. After the warranty period we will help you and take care
of sending the unit to Japan if neccessary. In this case
you have to pay the shipping and repair fees.Hope this helps you. Wherever you decide to purchase your 3100 I believe it will be a wonderful machine.
yea, I made my decision last night and I am ordering from you, so expect an order in the next few days or so....
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