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Full Version: Se P800 Irda Modem With C750?
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i'm having problems trying to connect a c750 with a p800 irda gprs modem, i need the right settings
If you want help, you should be more detailed: What ROM are you using, what did you try, what are the errors etc.

c750 with sharp rom 1.10 jp converted to english, i get a connection, but there isn't data traffic between the p800 and c750, the opera browser display this error [could not connect to remote server] url.

i had two gprs internet accounts.

i use: *99***2#,
auto detect name servers,
obtain tcp/ip info auto,
inits command: ATZ,
AT-dial: ATDT
no proxis
The phone actually dials and display "connected"?
QUOTE(xatax @ Jun 11 2005, 04:13 PM)
The phone actually dials and display "connected"?

yes,the problem is no data transfer.

actually i can see the connetion info

any tutorial for SE mobile phones?
ohmy.gif The worst part of using your phone as a modem ussually is to make them talk, your zaurus and the phone! If you have already done that.. well, no idea what"s the next step.. Because if the phone dials talks to the Z:
Your GPRS settings are ok (otherwise you wouldn't see the "connected" icon) and your IRDa connection works!

no idea what's wrong ph34r.gif

you may want to have a look at /tmp/qpe-pppd-log to see what exactly is happening while connecting -- e.g. if the DNS servers are actually assigned by the provider and so forth. On top of that you may want to check if you actually have IP connectivity while connected by 'pinging' a known IP address.

Aside from the technical point of view: does your operator actually provide 'real' Internet access via the profile you are using? Quite frequently operators have different APNs for Internet and WAP/MMS access. Access to the Internet service may depend on your subscription or need some additional form of registration. Keep those things in mind when tracking down problems like that.

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