Listed at £320 (fixed price) + P&P.

I can be reached via e-mail: [REMOVE "OOPS" FROM THE E-MAIL BEFORE SENDING!] or mobile:
070 ---- ----
5000 ----
(but my mobile doesn't accept text messages - sorry)

I am open to realistic offers. smile.gif
May also include 512MB CF card for the right price.

Thanks for looking,

I’ve had the Zaurus for less than a year.

This is a really fantastic machine. I was kidding myself when I thought I'd use all of its features. Two things that I really will miss, however, are the superb VGA screen and the non-volatile memory.

Having said that, if I don't get the price I'm looking for, I'll keep this and sell my O2 XDA2s instead!!!

I will also include:

· Original box, handbooks, CDs, cables etc.

· 256MB CF card with a virgin backup of the machine, as supplied by shirtpocket. This is VERY handy for anyone who wishes to experiment with weird and wonderful modifications to the inbuilt apps.

· Loads of downloads of apps for the Zaurus – including Ko/Pi (the best PIM I’ve ever seen on a PDA)

· PDAir leather case

· Spare stylus

· Various spare sync/charging cables and adapters

i.e. everything you could possibly need to get to grips with this amazing machine.