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Full Version: Bluetooth Dialup Password Handling (kathrin)
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OK. I've had a Nokia6600 for a couple months now, and finally picked up a Billionton bluetooth card.

After a little work (Kathrin RC9) I got pdaxrom and the phone where they see each other. A little more and I got them to pair. (although it still requires pin entered on both devices after either bluez is restarted or the connection is down for considerable time - how do I avoid that without leaving them unsecure?)

I've got the Nokia set up with an internal dial-up profile that I've used successfully via IR in the past. I configured PPP on the Z to use the same settings. Conveniently, I'm the admin of the Radius server handling authentication requests for the dialup rack I'm using. wink.gif

So here's where I stand:

I click 'connect' in PPPDialer. The phone dials, connects to the rack. PPPDialer shows that it got 'CONNECT', serial connection established, using channel {varies}, using interface ppp0, then "Connect: ppp0<-->/dev/rfcomm1. Then things go downhill.

After a collection of status messages as it tries to authenticate, I get "Failed to authenticate ourselves to peer" and "Connection terminated".

At the other end, I examine the radius logs and find that it's sending the password with enclosing double-quotes. Authentication fails for [username@domain.tld/"password"] when all other entries, accepted or failed, lack the double-quotes. (this is an active dial-up rack at an ISP - if there were problems at that end, they'd have surfaced long before now)

If I manually remove the double-quotes around the password in /etc/ppp/pap-secrets then pppdialer chokes.

What did I miss???

I've also had it failing and reporting that the serial link isn't 8-bit-safe, that bit7 is always set to 0. That's with rfcomm1 configured for channel1, which sdptool output indicates is 'Dial-up Networking'. (BUT not consistently - sometimes it didn't complain) When I rewrite /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf to point to channel2, sdptool-->"Bluetooth Serial Port", it tries to work but fails the password, same as the times with DUN that didn't fail for 7/8bit failed on the password.

Nobody has any suggestions? I fixed my pin/counterpin pita by hardwiring 'bluepin' to echo the selected pin, instead of request it.

But I still can't figure out how to get pppdialer to send the password WITHOUT enclosing it in double-quotes, choking the radius server.

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