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Full Version: Is It Possible : Guylhem Rom + X
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I want X and no qtopia on my ZSL6000. I see there is debian but i requires x/qt installed on QTOPIA.

Is it possible having my SL6000 with only X and no QTOPIA ?

How can i do this ?
use pdaxrom...
ok, but i think pdaxrom is for SLC7XX 8XX series...
how can i set up pdaxrom on SL6000 i'M very interested....???

GPE doesn't work too well on the 6000--- it draws vertical yellow or orange lines across the screen with cursor/pointer movement.

A more promising solution would be to install the Xqt jumbo pack--- but I can't seem to manage. out of space errors. other errors crop up on installation too. Great setup--with the jumbo pack on board it would be incredibly versatile. Maybe I am missing or forgot something about sinple installations??
QUOTE(adf @ Sep 16 2005, 03:18 AM)
A more promising solution would be to install the Xqt jumbo pack ... out of space errors
I have just installed the X/Qt-Server, some fonts and some libraries on a C860/C3000.

Works fine and leaves a lot of free space. Couldn't you use the same approach for the SL6000?

-- hns
you'd think. there are 29 megs free in guylhemrom to start. is that enough? Maybe I was doing something wrong, or there was some installer issue.
atm 8m playing w. rc11
can X/qt be used without qtopia now? The orginal question was about a tosa without qtopia...
you'd have to use pocketworkstation with native vnc (not a bad option these days, and often overlooked.
the problem there is that guylhem's keymap is not what the pocketworkstation vnc is expecting.

the older kernel guylhem put out is just as fast and as up-to date, and works with pocketworkstation. you could just shatprom with an improved kernel.....

there is a thread on how to install pdaxrm on the 6k
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