I would like to note that there is a new build available at http://www.quantum-step.com/wiki.php?page=Downloads

If you don't want to touch your Zaurus, we would like to encourage every Mac owner to try out at least the Test Drive applications on your Mac and comment on it.

The new part is the myMail application which is targeted to become a *full* mail client to support:
* multiple accounts (POP3, SMTP, IMAP) - compatible with Apple Mail/.Mac
* multiple folders with same .mbox format as MacOS X 10.4
* mail filter rules compatible with Apple-Mail
* trainable Junk filter (plugin)
* ASCII, RTF, HTML message body
* multiple attachments
* integration with the address book and calendar (for invitations to appointments)
* multiple Signature templates
* transparent support for WLAN/GPRS (through the libraries/kernel)
* receive Short Messages through GSM to the Inbox
* times pull mechanism or SMS triggered push mail
* play sound for new arrived mails
* iSyncing mail settings with the Desktop Mac or a Powerbook

The idea is to provide sort of ".Mac Inbox in your pocket", like a Blackberry does.

It is not working/presenting itself well on the Zaurus yet since it has revealed some more bugs in the AppKit libraries.

-- hns