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Full Version: Screen Protectors
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I thought I'd post it in this forum as the post about shirt pocket's woes are in this forum.

I will note that I got my C1000 via shirt pocket and other than some annoyance about never being able to call them or even get through to an answering system, I successfully got my C1000 from them within a week.

However, now I urgently want a good screen protector for it. I note there are some on the Shirtpocket site, but also that people have been waiting for them a long time.

I'm currently using a belkin PDA screen protector and it's awful, so reflective and scratches easily.

Can anyone recommend a good, non reflective screen protector for the Zaurus?
you can try brando screen protectors.
If your concern is reflection maybe prefer the classic over the ultra-clear.

I bought one ultra-clear from
(though through their e-bay shop

The experience was truly excellent (e-bay rating is 100%)
The best screen proctector, I've ever used for the Z is the overlay brilliant, so clear you don't even know its there most of the time.

It's a little pricey (¥1550) but well worth it in my opinion, I used them both on the C760 and the C1000, and have friends who use them on their clie's.

NOTE: don't get the overlay plus, it has a matt finish and makes your screen look foggy.

Brando used to sell the overlay brilliant, not sure if they still do

yes i bout the ultra clear and sucked balls. I just finished removing it myself.

the screen resolution on my c1000 is so clear that i can see all the ultra clear problems it has to offer.

Im off to purchase another type of screen. at the moment i am using belking. installs nasty but after using it for a while, it becomes invisible. it does not cover the whole screen though and that is why i am going for a second attempt on that other screen.

what was it again?

brando overlay brilliant?

im gona try it.
Yes, brando's works great for me! smile.gif
i purchased a second screen protector. This one actually works. I think from my previous post, the screen got damaged on delivery since it had scratches on it.

It is fantastic but now i have a problem, how to you replace the lubricant adhesive after washing the screen? silicon spray?

oh man this is to funny!

i spent the last week with my screen protector. When i recieved it and applied it to the screen, i was wondering why was it missing a layer on the other side? it happen to be that i pealed only one layer. NOw that i figured it out, i need to order a third one because when i applied the layer, i had some dust on my screen i forgot to remove.


but i will say its the best screen protector.. gona clean it first with warm water and see if it helps i mean dip it in warm water and try again


another update. i put it in warm water.

placed very very very small drops of water on my screen evenly across the pda screen.

i applied the sticky part of the screen ontop of the water dropless and even the screen out. i rubbed the screen with my stylus pushing out the bubbles which water makes it easier to do and it also fills the air cavity within the screen and screenprotector. i rubed the edges after with qtips removing excess water. i rubed gently through out the screen until excees water was not seen and it looks flawless.

i soaked up the excess water arount the edges of the screen with a few qtips.

ill say this once

this isnt recommended to do since you can damage the zaurus but it works great and screen is flawless and am happy now.

brando ultra is bad ass!
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