I'd be very grateful if anyone could compile 2 currency exchange packages and one world timezones clock for OZ (3.5.3). I feel that these are basic applications for a PDA, but I haven't found any for OZ. The two I've found (fxconv and ttbureaudechange) require the Sharp compatability libraries, but they each show errors.

The "fxconv" package has a nice looking interface, and good support for downloading currency table updates. The source code can be found at:

Regarding recompilation, the author stated:
I think, the problem is the incompatibility of the softfloat library and the
floating point calls generated by gcc 2.95. The conversion of the external
ascii exchange rates to the internal floating point format seems to fail.
It looks like the compatibility libraries cannot handle this problem.

The only solution I see is to recompile FXConv for OZ/Opie. Unfortunately I
don't have a OZ/Opie development system. If you are able to compile, you have
to create the QubLib as first. Look at the qublib.pro and fxconv.pro files
and set the environment variables as necessary. My settings are


You have to copy (or link) the QubLib header files to $QUBDIR/include
and the created qublib.a to $QUBDIR/lib/$QUBLIB.

Another currency converter is ttbureaudechange:


Also at that site is a world clock: