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Full Version: Pdaxrom On C1000
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Hey all,

Have installed pdaXrom on my C1000, I love it even after a few mins, awesome work all who have made it!

I've bought a 1GB SD card, I'd like to put pdaXrom on it and all my files related to that and continue to use my sharp Rom

Is there a how-to anywhere that will tell me how to set this up? And how to dual boot between them?

I'd love to experiment with pdaXrom while keeping access to the sharp rom until I've decided to make the full switch and gotten hang of the environment.


I don't think there's a HOWTO about it around. What's more, I haven't heard about someone who made pdaXrom work from SD/CF only.
However I'm interested in it, because I have an SC-C700 with a bricked NAND, so maybe I can revive it if I use a CF/SD only system...

What other ROM can run from SD/CF only?
Zumi smile.gif
I correct myself: here's a howto about Cacko 1.22 and pdaXrom 1.0.5 dualbooting (pdaXrom is on SD):

Note, that it's a howto for 7xx versions, but it's a starting point at least.
I'll have to have a try when I get the time, well done finding that. Anyone who attempts it, please let me know how much success you have!
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