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Full Version: cross compile issues
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I have a cross compile problem that is not there when I compile with gcc3 on my x86 box. It only shows up when I compile with the arm gcc 2.95 compiler

The error is:
/opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux/include/bits/in.h:69: ANSI C++ forbids data member `ip_opts' with same name as enclosing class

I am doing sme socket stuff and need the socket include files that also include in.h which has the offending structure.

Any ideas for a work around on this.

Thank you

I've come across various random errors while trying to use 2.95, you might find a general solution by googling for the error. Other than that I don't know, sorry,

thanks for the url. The work around was a bit dirty, as I opted for changing the name of one of the elements in the ip_opts struct as listed on that URL by David Mazieres. It worked fine !!!
Wasn't me actually, but I'm glad you got it working thanks to our guest's link.

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