I've got an SL-6000 running OZ 3.5.3 and Opie, and I'm trying to get IRK working so that I can use a Pocketop keyboard.

I've installed various irk packages (one at a time, removing the previous attempt), and each time the installation seems to go fine--the package is in the ipkg list, the library /opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/libirk.so is installed, and OZ restarts.

However, there's no new input method for the IRK (a kangaroo shaped icon), and seemingly no way to turn IRK on/off.

Does the appearance of the IRK input method controller depend on the ircomm/irda/irserial/irtty kernel modules being loaded and on the serial port being set up correctly?

For anyone with working IRK under OZ/Opie:
What kernel modules are loaded and what's your IR & "serial port" config?