My home/development machine connection is rather slow (14.4kbps - throttled Linux drivers for my WinModem - plus it costs money to dialup anyway), and my very fast uni machine runs WinXP only. I'm having troubles trying to clone the OZ kernel with my Windows machine as it seems to contain two files which have the same name bar their cases - obviously this causes issues using Bitkeeper under Windows.

I'd like to grab a tarball of the local repository, then stick it on my Linux box and hopefully still be able to update the files (slowly, but there shouldn't be too much change).

I'm running a collie, have no idea where the code is supposed to be (other than in one of the directories on, and am ever hopeful that I'll be able to grab both the current 2.4.18 and the development 2.4.21cl, and possibly also the 2.6.0 test code.

If someone could tell me exactly where what I'm after lives (rmk-2.4,
oz-2.6, pxa-2.4, oz-2.4, collie-2.4, etc.) then that would be a great help.

If hosting space is an issue, I should be able to provide an ftp upload to my uni PC.