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Full Version: Problems With Installing X/qt On C3k
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I am trying to install X/QT as per meanie's site. I have installed the files as per the sequence, but can't do the following steps:

# cd /opt/QtPalmtop/bin
# su
# ln -s Xqt X
# ln -s rxvt xterm

My konsole claims that the directories don't exist? Am I doing something wrong. Sorry, if this is a really stupid question, but am not too fluent on Linux.

i too am a n00b the directories exist? If not maybe create them? Reminder: I am a n00b so best wait for a more informed answer
See if you get get Meanie's 'Jumbo X/Qt Package'...will make your life much easier...

Just download and install it like any other ipkg and voila!

You'll have X/Qt installed for you!

However, this package doesn't install Debian for you. If you want that, you'll have to do that manually after installing the Jumbo package...

AFAIK, Meanie still hasn't released this package publicly...however, if you post on his thread about it, he'll probably PM you with the link to download it.... cool.gif

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