Having lived with pdaXrom for a couple of weeks (C1000), I have to say its by far my fav rom, but there are a few usability niggles that really get in the way.

As none of the software is designed with a pda tiny-screen environment in mind, most of it is unsuitable, either in terms of application layout or resource requirements.

I just kept finding that it was slow and fiddly. Now, ignoring the resource requirements issue (unlikely that I will ever be able to download a faster pda), the biggest problem is fiddly.

Not a problem when your sat down, but trying to read email (etc etc) on the move is virtually impossible.

I think a combination of forcing the WM to maximise all applications on start and reworking the layouts of key applications (especially dialogue boxes) so they at least fit on the screen, would have a massive impact on the usability of pdaXrom.

In many cases simple changes are all thats needed, dialogue boxes for example are usually larger than the screen forcing you to alt-mouse and move them around.

How much work would be involved in making (and maintaining) minor interface tweaks to a handfull of key applications? (I am thinking this could be done by members of the community as oppose to the pdaxrom team)