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Full Version: Big Task: Setting Double Mouse Keys Def
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Hi all, I'd like to regularly use my 860 both in laptop and in rotated/closed screen position.

with on screen keyboard you can actually type everything you like except mouse clicks - obviously.

No way to use pdaXrom without different mouse clicks


HOW can we set middle and right mouse click mod to "cancel" and "ok" external keys?

If anyone knows something like XF86MouseRight or similar to put in userdefined.xmodmap, the job becomes really really easy.

C'mon guys, awe me...
I'm also interested by a trick like this smile.gif
maybe someone expert in xmodmap advanced option could give us a hint...
is where the keycodes that modify the mouse button are defined.

Now these are mapped to shift and Fn, it works because they are modifiers they do nothing except to modify the next key pressed.

If you just change the previous file with the ok and cancel keycode, it won't work well (if it works at all wink.gif) because you will get a lot "Esc" and "Enter" keys sent to the current application.

It is possible to make the 2 keys act like shift and Fn (ie they won't do return and esc) but is it what you want?

Moreover, when you change these settings (the keycode for the mouse),
you must restart X so that they take effect: it's not easy to change the keys for landscape/portrait on the fly.

Please ask if what I say is not clear enough.

maybe using xmonobut from:
is a better solution?
(it's pre RC5, but I believe it's still working, though I didn't try it recently)
I think I'll try to map the two kanji keys, that I use as middle and right button mod., on the ok and cancel external keys: I want to have both external and normal button modifiers working alltogether: in fact I simply do not use external ok and cancel while working in minilaptop mode.

thx, for the hint
Sam Hell
In Fact i never use Ok and Cancel in Portraitmode either wink.gif

But the only Solution i see after pgas explanation is to use xmonobut.
The program still works, even in RC10, without any problems.

yes, it seems you are right... I installed xmonobut.

The good thing is using xmonobut -k 131 -m132: so you'll have external ok and cancel as middle and right mause click switcher smile.gif almost what we wanted
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