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Full Version: Qtopia Desktop Issue
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I originally posted this in another forum with no response. Perhaps this is a better place.

Alright, after reporting it a few times, I've figured out the problem.... But first, my setup.

I'm running Hentges 3.5.3 with the new OZ kernel update on an SL5000. At home I'm running OSX (10.4) with QtopiaDesktop, and at work, I'm using Ubuntu Linux, also with Qtopia Desktop (1.7 for both).

The problem is that the datebook shows different times in the Zaurus calendar app compared to the desktop. In fact, it's always off by exactly 3 hours (the zaurus being 3 hours forward). Looking into the xml file, it appears that both the Mac and Zaurus are actually displaying the correct time.

The xml file lists the start date as +3 hours from when I book the datebook entry in Qtopia on Linux. If I make an appointment on the Z and sync back, the linux desktop shows the appointment as being 3 hours earlier then it is. The interesting bit is that the desktop's xml file is *IDENTICAL!* to the zaurus', meaning QtopiaDesktop on the desktop is simply off by three hours.

Both the desktops and zaurus have their timezones set to Montreal, so that's not it. It appears that qtopia is the issue. I'm only posting it here since it seems to affect the calendar on OZ, but not the Sharp rom. While OZ is clearly doing the right thing, Qtopia isn't. Any ideas?

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Add this to the wierd column.... if I set the timezone on the appointments to "None" rather than "Montreal", everything seems to be cool. Of course, I don't know if the alarms will go off yet.
And finally, in case anyone else has this problem, you do have to set the timezone to "None". In my case this involves quitting the datebook and then editing the datebook.xml file by hand at a later date. Horrid eh?
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