The iso (athlon) that you posted seems to work on my nforce2/athlon/debian-sid desktop. Very good so far. I have yet to try the on-the-z dev stuff.

Right now, I'm interested in trying to tweak a kernel for my 6k--where are the sources? do I complie this with the iso? with the usual 2.95 crosscompiler?
ALso--I tried using kernels that I had comiled (and others had compiled) from guylhem's stuff on every one of them said "failed to open a new consloe".. and that was that..not crashed, but nowhere to go. any idea why? can this be easily fixed or worked around?

Mostly what I'm interested in at the moment is simply what is patched into the kernel, and what might be done with it on my 6k. I'm also interested in trying to get external keyboards to map correctly (using guylhems source & or patch, since there was some work done there for the 6k) Is the mapping thing just me (no punctuation, etc.. on usb kbd)? Also, maybe compiled-in v4l and usb cam modules might lead to a working gphoto2 and usb cam use w/ gimp? Be nice for camping etc.... here in Alaska.

Any convenient pointers would be appreciated.

And it was pretty cool to see that pdaXrom matchbox screen come up on a 19' monitor smile.gif