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Full Version: Sdio - Only Waiting To Be Ported?
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Acordding to this a SDIO stack is allready available for linux.

So is it just a matter of porting it to OZ?
QUOTE(niv @ Jul 2 2005, 04:39 AM)
Acordding to this a SDIO stack is allready available for linux.

I'm sure if it were that simple people would have ported it to the collies/poodles...
But AFAIK they run undocumented SD chips, which are only able to work with Sharp's SD/MMC driver which is largely why collies/poodles are stuck at the 2.4.18 kernel.

It's a shame, but Sharp will not or cannot release the necessary specs or source code. sad.gif
It's only undocumented on collie. This doesn't help on the other models though, since you need vendors to publish card specifications and people to write driver stubs for the individual cards as well.
Check this out for SDIO Linux stack: .
I don't think most Zaurus have internal hardware for SDIO, they aren't capable of it.
This old chestnut again wink.gif

From reading the rumours, I think the collie machines don't have the correct wires attached (from back on the devnet iirc), and the c7x0 machines must have at least partial SDIO functionality as there was talk of an SDIO card having worked on one:

All the PXA Zaurii seem to have 1-bit SDIO capability. It "just" needs an experienced driver developer reverse engineering the command protocol for every interesting card and writing drivers upon that.
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