borrowing a 256mb CF from a friend, so i have a few hours to mess around with, and install a rom to my C1000 biggrin.gif

i am using the sharp ROM, and haven't messed around with the partitions or anything

the questions:

1) the package i need to download is "", right?

2) i can follow, except for different entries to select CF or SD, the instructions for installation to C860?

3) i just copy the three files in the zip:

to the root of the blank CF? or is there something with the zImage.bin in the tools.tar archive?

4) during the install, i select the option to partition 50mb for / ?

5) after the second reboot, i will be presented with a CLI login. login as root (so password), and type "startx". this will start matchbox, and give me a calibration screen (in portrait).

6) i can then edit .xinit to give me mouse support (with the D-pad?)?

7) i have ~50mb where i can install programs or store files to.

8) i can then set up usbnet with my Ubuntu laptop? ohmy.gif

thanks in advance,
Ben ph34r.gif



9) will the update give me a 2.6 kernel?