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Full Version: Idiots Guide To Install Pdaxrom In C1000 Needed
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Yes,I must be idiot and need some more detailed guide to install pdaXrom RC-10 release in the SL-C1000. I just bought it and it looks wonderful altough I was very dissapointed with the original Sharp ROM functionality.

I followed official instructions :
1. Extract the 3 files - initrd.bin tools.tar - to the root of your CF or SD/MMC card.
2. Make sure the Zaurus isn't plugged into AC power.
3. Remove battery for at least 5 seconds.
4. Replace battery (replace battery cover, lock cover), plug in AC power.
5. Press and hold the "OK" button on the keyboard.
6. Turn the power on, you should see the Japanese service menu.
7. Select option 4 (flash/update).
8. You then have four options (1. USB, 2. CF, 3. SD, 4. Back)
9. Choose either option 2 or 3, depending on which media you put the files on.
10. After a while a menu pops up, select "5 Flash repartition", enter 50 - 50 MB for root partition on SL-C760/860 or 30 for SL-C700/750.
11. After a while it is repartioned and will reboot, after that complete steps 2-10 again and wait for the menu again.
12. Now select "1 Install new ROM" and wait - it will reboot.
13. At login type "root" - without the quotes - then hit enter
14. Type "startx" - without quotes - then hit enter
15. Wait while the gui starts up

While booting after some time I am getting following error:
"INIT: ID "In" respawning too fast too fast: disabled for 5 minutes"

Searching in the forums, the error seems to be related to the partition size, I tried also several root partitions sizes (50, 64, 96 Mb) and always getting the same issue.

Anyone?, what can I do?
I was able to successfully flash the pdaXrom. I installed first Openzaurus OPIE on my C1000, then I downloades again the pdaXrom and installed it, this time the falsh process went OK and took longer, so I was doing something wrong.

I´m now enjoying this ROM, and let me tell you it´s really amazing!.
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