I've a problem with the modem connection. I've done some search around the forum, but without luck.

I'm using OZ 3.5.2 with Opie 1.2. When I plug-in my modem it (Targus PA560) it seems that it is correctly recognized. The card manager pop-ups the message: "New card: serial or modem". Futhermore, a symlink called /dev/modem and pointing to /dev/ttyS3 is created each time I plugin the modem, and removed each time I unplug it.

Then I've setup the modem itself. Opened the "Network" program, I've tapped "Add" -> PPP. The modem replies correctly when I tap "Query modem". I really think it is ok.

The problem is, when I connect it seems I can't obtain an IP address.
Here it is what I got when I tell this interface to start:

Modem ready
Dialing # (with the correct numer here)
Logging on to network...

but I can't manage to ping any network address, nor it seems that I get a correct IP. It still shows even when I tap "refresh".

I've thought about a dhclient problem. dhclient don't seems to be installed by default, so I've picked the package from the feed and put it up. It was installed correctly, and it was working with my wifi card. Still, it seems that I can't get an IP address for my modem.

Any clue about this?